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A climate of change in the education of German archivists?

TitelA climate of change in the education of German archivists?
AuteursBecker, I. Christa
UitgeverInternational Council on Archives Congress
Plaats uitgaveBrisbane

In a global world interrelationships within scientific communities are an essential need. Research findings should be accessible all around the world, especially in a small community of professionals, such as the archival community. Researchers should take part in international debates, thereby showing openness towards new ideas and readiness to share policies and theories with other archivists. The German archival community is large enough to discuss challenges within our profession with good results. Therefore, German archivists are less used to sharing their knowledge. If they did so, however, this would benefit not only them but also the international archival community. In order to encourage participation in international debates and networks, changes to archival training programmes are necessary. Results of international debates need to be integrated in to study programmes to a higher degree than they currently are. During this talk, I will present the state of the art of German archives with regard to appraisal and digital records keeping, and discuss the participation of German archivists in international debates on these two issues. German participation will then be compared to that of Dutch archivists. Finally, I shall look at challenges to education following my findings and point out possible solutions.


Lezing tijdens het International Council on Archives Congress in Brisbane 2012.

Bevat ook een mooie Duitse spiegel voor Nederlandse archivarisen over het gebrek aan bestendigheid van de resultaten van Nederlandse projecten en de beperkte inbedding daarvan in het dagelijkse werk.

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