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Electronic records: a workbook for archivists

TitelElectronic records: a workbook for archivists
UItgaveCommittee on current records in an electronic environment
UitgeverInternational Council on Archives
Plaats uitgaveParijs
Other NumbersICA Study 16
Trefwoord(en)digitale duurzaamheid, duurzame toegankelijkheid, KVAN125, preserveren, records management, voortbestaan

The focus of the Workbook is on records, which are or should be created in electronic office systems or networked environments (i.e. documents or document-like information, including databases, objects of any form and format that are the results of activities and transactions of organisations and individuals). Hence our focus is on ‘born digital’ records or records which were digitised as part of a business process. Records which were digitised by archives in order to improve preservation and access are not the subject of this Workbook, although its recommendations on preservation may also be relevant to them.

Records, whether private or public, are subject to legal regulation of one sort or another. The nature of that regulation varies widely from one jurisdiction to another. We note that, but do not attempt to discuss it here.

The Workbook gives advice on a technical level, but does not recommend specific software or hardware solutions. The fast changing nature of information technology applications in creating agencies means that any such advice would rapidly be out-of-date. Instead of offering specific solutions, the Workbook tries to raise awareness, to stimulate discussion and to contribute to the continuous improvement of archives and records management.

The Workbook does not address questions of appraisal in any detail, not least because many of the core principles associated with appraisal are common to all media.

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zaterdag, 18 juni 2016 - 9:45pm