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MoReq2010 - Modular Requirements for Records Systems; Volume 1 - Core Services & Plug-in Modules

TitelMoReq2010 - Modular Requirements for Records Systems; Volume 1 - Core Services & Plug-in Modules
EditionVersion 1.1
UitgeverDLM Forum Foundation / European Commission
Plaats uitgaveBrussel

The MoReq2010® specification was launched at the DLM Forum meeting and AGM held in Budapest in May 2011, and is freely available for download from this page. The specification is of interest to every person and organisation that needs to keep information and records. It contains functional and non-functional requirements for records systems. A records system is an "information system which captures, manages and provides access to records through time” (ISO 15489-1:2001, 3.17).

MoReq2010® was designed to be a very practical specification. It does not specify any particular solution, instead it outlines the essential elements that a records system should have to ensure that records are properly managed, can be accessed at all times, are retained for as long as they are needed and are properly disposed of once the obligatory retention period has expired. An organisation which implements an records system based on the requirements of MoReq2010® can be assured that its records will be properly managed.

MoReq2010® defines the core functionality required of a records system whether it is deployed into a public body, private organisation, or even the third sector. MoReq2010® is a modular specification which means that the specification can be extended to allow for specialised application in different jurisdictions, markets and industry sectors. Each organisation that uses it can incorporate into its records management policies those parts of the specification that are relevant and applicable to the type of organisation and help the organisation to comply to regulatory requirements within its business sector.


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