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The Preservation of Web Resources Handbook

TitelThe Preservation of Web Resources Handbook
AuteursPinsent, E., Davis R., Ashley K., Kelly B., Guy M., & Hatcher J.
Secondaire titelDigital preservation for the UK HE/FE web management community
UitgeverULCC, Ukoln, JisC
Plaats uitgaveLondon, Bath
Trefwoord(en)duurzame toegankelijkheid, OASIS, webarchivering

Educational institutions create and collect large quantities of digital resources, and almost all of them exist on the web or are accessible via it. Effective management of those resources inevitably involves some element of preservation. But knowing what to keep, how to keep it, and how to provide access to it isn't straightforward - and it was this that led to JISC commissioning the PoWR (Preservation of Web Resources) project earlier this year. PoWR brought together two organisations     UKOLN and ULCC's Digital Archive.

They tested their views of the issues around web resource preservation through workshops, a project blog and conference presentations , and brought together the key findings in the PoWR handbook.

The workshops and the blog attracted interest from web managers, records managers and the digital preservation community. By sharing their differing perspectives, we believe the project outputs are more likely to be comprehensible, relevant and useful to their target audiences.

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