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Records Management Service Components Requirements Development Project; Final Report

TitelRecords Management Service Components Requirements Development Project; Final Report
UitgeverNational Archives and Records Administration Records Management Service Components Program (RMSC)
Plaats uitgaveWashington DC

The Records Management Service Components (RMSC) Program Requirements Development Project continued on March 8, 2005, at the Dynamics Research Corporation (DRC) Decision Support Center (DSC) with the sixth and last of the scheduled collaborative sessions with records management and enterprise information architecture stakeholders representing 18 agencies across the Federal government. These participants were named by their Chief Information Officers and E-Government program managers as experts authorized to speak for their agencies on session objectives. Participants met with the goal to review the recommendations, from previous workshops, made by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) subject matter experts and representatives from industry and academia. Participants were charged with identifying records management activities that could be supported with software service components within the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA).

Participants were well aware that many activities and business processes essential to records management had to be excluded because they could not be supported directly by a single service component (cf. DoD 5015.2, ISO 15489, ANSI/AIIM/ARMA TR48-2004). Thus activities such as create record, disposition schedule creation and maintenance, security classification and declassification were excluded from consideration (see Section 6 - Project Scope and Constraints). This allowed participants to focus on the objective of identifying and documenting records management activities they believed, if acquired, and made available in the FEA’s Component Repository would yield a high return on investment.

The activities and their functional requirements documented in this report are the consensus of the participants from the agencies identified below. It is the intention of the participants that this report will provide baseline requirements for the acquisition of one or more records management components. Participants and the RMSC PMO advise the reader that additional review of the requirements is necessary before engaging in an acquisition activity.

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