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Yesterday, today and tomorrow: a continuum of responsibility

TitelYesterday, today and tomorrow: a continuum of responsibility
AuteursMcKemmish, S.
UItgaveParadigma; Naar een nieuw paradigma in de archivistiek, SAP Jaarboek 1999
UitgeverStichting Archiefpublicaties
Plaats uitgave's Gravenhage

A continuum is something continuous of which no separate parts are discernible, a continuous series of elements passing into each other. A records continuum perspective can be contrasted with the life cycle model. The life cycle model argues that there are clearly definable stages in recordkeeping, and creates a sharp distinction between current and historical recordkeeping. The records continuum, on the other hand, has provided Australian records managers and archivists with a way of thinking about the integration of recordkeeping and archiving processes. The life cycle model sees records passing through stages until they eventually ‘die’, except for the ‘chosen ones’ that are reincarnated as archives. A continuum-based approach suggests integrated time- space dimensions. Records are ‘fixed’ in time and space from the moment of their creation, but recordkeeping regimes carry them forward and enable their use for multiple purposes by delivering them to people living in different times and spaces.

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