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As a result, vast quantities of vital corporate information, often relating to its most important functions and processes, remain almost completely untouched by the EDRMS. When it fails to integrate with the HR system, the finance system, the virtual learning environment, laboratory equipment, the website and the CRM what are you left with? A damned expensive sledgehammer to crack the nut that is the largely ephemeral contents of most network drives.

Overlevering en traditie

It is the dead who govern. 
Look you, man, how they work their will upon us! 
Who have made the laws? The dead! 
Who have made the customs that we obey and that form and shape our lives? The dead! 
And the titles to our lands? Have not the dead devised them? 
If a surveyor runs a line he begins at some corner the dead set up; and if one goes to law upon a question the judge looks backwards through his books until he finds how the dead have settled it - and he follows that. 

De grenzen van het vak

Die Organisationsformen der Schriftgutbewahrung in Kanzlei, Registratur und Archiv zu untersuchen, müsste eine wissenschaftliche Aufgabe der Archivare sein, auch wenn kein anderer Nutzen als der einer historischen Erkenntnis dabei zu gewinnen wäre.

Dead bunny (substitutie)

Picture a bunny. Why not? Spring is near, and Easter is only a month away. So, picture a bunny. You can cuddle it, watch its little nose twitch, listen to its heartbeat, even observe its behavior and follow it home. If you are one of those lucky creatures who speak bunny -- like computer programmers speak source code -- you can politely inquire where it's been, what it's seen and who it has spoken with."



It is "archiving" that provides people with the power to generate and share meaning and to establish, amongst themselves, the identities of all things within the world.


Het nut van een opvatting is zelf een kwestie van opvatting; even betwistbaar, even vatbaar voor twijfel, en evenzeer discussie vereisend, als die opvatting zelf.

Archive (verb)

During the effectuation of a process, project or other activity recording of relevant information with its context for use and reuse in usable, findable and reliable form, contained and fixed in information objects in a way that use, management and persistence of it is verifiable ensured during the retention period that does justice to the retention interests.


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